At a time of great transformation in the automotive industry’s production strategies, Jobs is presenting a complete line of cutting edge products for processing including styling model, prototypes and complete die machining.

Jobs products are designed for the use of all technologies (High Speed, High Power/Torque) aimed at:
- significantly increasing productivity
- reducing hourly costs
- reducing operating costs
- increasing quality changing it where really necessary.

The main products include:

For design and prototyping:
- the LinX family of linear motor machines which have already revolutionised production processes due to their performance in terms of speed, dynamics and accuracy
- the Jomach, Speeder and Grand Speeder product ranges for high-speed machining at reasonable costs

For dies and moulds:
- the T, TS and TRT family, the most reliable solution for machining medium-size dies and moulds
- the new “Middle Range” with Thor and eVer models for high-power/high-speed machining of medium/large dies and moulds
- the JomaX family for high-power machining of large dies and moulds and for systems with a high automation degree.


Machining of 1:1 scale model with two-axis T3D milling head Machining of 1:1 large size scale model with T3D milling head

For Design Jobs has developed two machine families able to machine single models and complete models, up to a vertical development of 2500 mm (98 in), which can be fitted with specific heads for machining resins and aluminium, equipped with electrospindles.
Recent results obtained by important customers have made it possible to create a complete car model in less than 12 hours.

The machines are equipped with:
- automatic model handling systems
- machining dust removal systems
- prolonged unmanned operating systems.

In Prototyping field Jobs gained a deep experience by manufacturing hundreds of plants, which are employed world-wide. Jobs and Sachman products enable the machining of the several prototyping phases which are differently developed, based on the technologies of the various car manufacturers.
“Cubing” activities, prototype and component moulds in composite/resin can be covered.

Features include:
- possibility of head change (BUSS) and spindle change (JIMS) for operating in optimal technological conditions in different application contexts
- highly efficient removal systems for chips and other machining scraps
- prolonged unmanned operating systems.


Racing Cars Very high-speed machining of composite Formula 1 car

The advent of recent generation composite materials and aluminium alloys has made it possible to develop racing cars and long-distance touring cars which exploit the technologies of these new materials. Jobs offers a series of products which allow to manufacture cars using knowledge acquired in the aerospace industry and which make it possible to carry out on the same machine:
- styling models
- master models
- composite lamination dies
- structure machining
- machining of structures and body shielding in composite material.

For this purpose Jobs proposes:
- compensation and correction system for manufacturing imperfections on composite parts
- process measurement systems operating during machining
- wide range of automation accessories, such as palletising system and high capacity tool magazines
- unmanned operating systems.


5-axis high torque mould machining with T3K milling head 5-axis high speed mould machining with two-axis head (15000 rpm, 200 Nm)

Jobs is able to offer a wide range of machines for various application types.
For creating medium-small dies and moulds the T series permits maximum performance in terms of precision and removal capacity with powers ranging from 20,5 to 35 kW (from 27 to 47 hp).
The Middle Range family is used for complete machining of drawing dies in a single positioning from roughing to high speed finishing.
The LinX series is used for very high speed machining of sculptured surfaces for plastic moulds and drawing dies.

In particular the machines can be fitted with:
- head change (BUSS) and spindle change (JIMS) for operating in optimal technological conditions in different application contexts
- accessories for especially high levels of automation such as automatic palletisation and tool management
- high volume, high pressure coolant feed systems
- prolonged unmanned operating systems in the semi-finishing and finishing phases.



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