• Large working volumes ensured by wide modularity of strokes
  • Cut-down maintenance
  • Low operating costs


Aero structures Al-CFRP-Ti Aero structures Al-CFRP-Ti
Aero engines Aero engines
Skins & Panels Al-CFRP Skins & Panels Al-CFRP
Space & Defence Space & Defence
Car body & Design Car body & Design
Moulds & Dies Auto Moulds & Dies Auto
Sport & Racing cars CFRP Sport & Racing cars CFRP

Performance tailored to your application needs

SPEEDER is a medium to large size overhead gantry 5-axis milling centre with high dynamic performance, integrating design and functional solutions specifically aimed at the machining of composites and non-tough materials.

SPEEDER is fitted with an excellent enclosure ensuring an efficient containment of machining wastes, high accessibility, ergonomics, and safety for the operator.

The SPEEDER line is the result of JOBS’ technological innovations aimed at reducing operating costs, simplifying maintenance, and adopting environment-friendly and energy-saving technical solutions.

The high flexibility in use makes SPEEDER the ideal solution for end-users, contractors in particular, requiring increasingly higher performance for high-tech applications at low hourly costs such as machining of composites, aerospace parts, styling models and prototypes, mould finishing, sport cars, boats, and plastics.


Technical features

  • X-Axis 3000-4500-6000 mm +Δ 1500 mm
  • Y-Axis from 2000 to 4000 mm
  • Z-Axis from 1200 to 2500 mm
  • Speed up to 50 m/min

Single-side heads specifically designed by JOBS to increase accessibility to the workpiece featuring:

  • mechanical drive


  • direct drive with torque motors

and equipped with the best electrospindles to perfectly meet your 5-axis machining requirements

  • Fixed worktable with different loading capacities
  • Folding top cover with automatic opening to access work area
  • Wide range of tool magazines available:
    • Direct chain from 20 to 40 positions
    • Single/double chain with double gripper change arm from 48 to 96 positions
  • Tool cooling systems external and/or through tool
  • Tool measuring and coding systems, probing systems
  • Highly efficient dust suction systems integrated in the heads with suction hoods
  • High-accuracy countersinking systems with depth dynamic control, with or without integrated suction
  • Systems designed for wet or dry (Jobs’ patent) composite machining, as well as wet & dry combined machining, including wastes collection and compacting
  • Work area separation into two operating zones for pendulum operation: part machining in one area and loading/unloading in masked time in the other
  • Automatic pallet systems
  • Remote surveillance systems