• Turning and milling rotary table with high load capacity
  • Optimised productivity through combined milling and turning modes
  • Maximum rigidity and compactness, excellent dynamics
  • Minimum foundations required, extremely low installation time and costs


Food processingFood processing
Semiconductor industrySemiconductor industry
General engineeringGeneral engineering
Earth transportEarth transport
Sea transportSea transport
Moulds & DiesMoulds & Dies
Aero structures Al-CFRP-TiAero structures Al-CFRP-Ti
Aero enginesAero engines
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Multitasking machining on complex components in precision general engineering applications

Sachman FRAZER MILLTURN is a medium-size universal horizontal milling machine with moving column for 3/4/5-axis multitasking machining. Equipped with a rotary table for milling and turning operations, FRAZER MILLTURN simplifies production planning by reducing the number of fixtures, tools and set-ups and ensures maximum productivity by limiting idle times.

It is available in two versions: FRAZER BOX, completely enclosed, with a longitudinal stroke ranging from 3 to 5 metres and FRAZER OPEN, with perimeter fence and longitudinal travels of up to 30 metres.

The wide range of configurations available for FRAZER ensure a considerable high degree of application flexibility and allow to cut hourly and operating costs making it the perfect proposal for end-users looking for cutting-edge technology at competitive costs.


Technical features


  • Longitudinal X-Axis 3000-4000-5000 mm
  • Vertical Y-Axis 1500-2000 mm
  • Transversal Z-Axis 1100 mm
  • Turning-milling rotary table dia. 1000 mm, built in the fixed table
  • Speed up to 35 m/min


  • Longitudinal X-Axis 4000-6000-7000 mm +Δ 1500 mm
  • Vertical Y-Axis 1500-2000-2500 mm
  • Transversal Z-Axis 1100-1300 mm
  • Turning-milling rotary table dia. 1000-2000 mm, in both fixed and rototranslating versions
  • Speed up to 35 m/min

  • Universal milling head with continuous positioning and torque motors - 8000 rpm max. rotation speed - assuring high positioning speed and accuracy

  • Wide range of tool magazines available:
    • Disk-type with mechanical hand 24 or 30 positions
    • Horizontal floor-mounted chain-type 40 or 60 positions
    • Vertical chain-type, mounted on column, 40 or 60 positions (for OPEN version only)
  • Tool cooling systems external and/or through tool and chip evacuation systems
  • Tool measuring and probing systems